Lighthouse Catholic Media CD of the Month Program

CD-Month-Club-logoAn effective Catholic adult education program tries to appeal to different learning styles and learning needs. Lighthouse Catholic Media’s CD of the Month program is an excellent addition to any Catholic adult education system.

Auditory Learning Style

About 30-35% of parishioners will learn best by listening. Auditory learning is one of several learning styles that define the varied ways that people take in information. While the is only weak evidence that learning styles directly benefit adult learning – they do benefit young learners with learning disabilities quite a bit. But there is no doubt that they benefit adult motivation to learn. Not only will a sensitivity to learning styles increase the likelihood of learners engaging in learning activities, but also of following through on them.

Auditory learners are one set of parishioners who will benefit the most from Lighthouse Catholic Media CD’s. Having the Lighthouse kiosk in your parish is a great benefit to them, but audio learners will want more.

Learning Needs

Not everyone sitting in the Sunday pew is at the same place in their faith. That means that parishioners all have different learning needs. Many Catholics are not ready to make a commitment of time to learn their faith or engage in spiritual growth. They need to be wooed into it with low commitment, high interest activities. Catholic CD’s fit this bill beautifully. People can listen to them in the car or while they’re working on something else. There is no accountability to be threatened by. There is no time commitment. Catholic CD’s make learning easy for people who aren’t highly committed to learning their faith, and they offer an easy, rewarding learning experience for highly committed Catholics as well.


Habit of Learning

What the CD of the Month Club can do better than the CD kiosk is help people form the habit of learning. A habit is a pattern of behavior caused by consistent repetition. Receiving a Catholic CD in the mailbox every month encourages parishioners to consistently repeat the act of learning about their faith. Most members of the CD of the Month Club (including me) really look forward to the arrival of their new CD. It’s like getting a gift each month. They listen at least out of curiosity – what is the new CD about? The consistent repetition of listening to at least one CD a month initiates a habit of learning. That’s why parishes often see an increase in kiosk sales after they introduce the CD of the Month Club. It seems counter-intuitive that anyone receiving CD’s by email would also buy CD’s at the kiosk. But once the habit of learning is instilled by the CD of the Month Club, parishioners begin seeking out learning opportunities.

How it Works

If you would like to start promoting the CD of the Month Club in your parish, click the button below to learn more. Then click the button on that page to request a parish promo code. I will assign your parish a “promo code” and get in touch with you about how we will promote the club to parishioners. The program doesn’t cost your parish anything at all. And the parish will receive a donation from Lighthouse Catholic Media every month for each parishioner that is an active member of the Club. There’s no commitment here. Even after a parish code is created for you you are under no obligation to use it.

This is an excellent way to promote Catholic adult learning in your parish.


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I am a stay-home dad and a Catholic educator. I taught at a high school for 10 years and am currently running an independent business teaching Catholic adults and consulting with parishes about ongoing Catholic adult education.

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