Ignatius Night at the Movies: Creating a Learning Environment

Ignatius Night at the Movies

Creating a Catholic adult learning environment is key to motivating Catholic adults to attend education programs. A Catholic adult learning environment gives adults “permission” to become independent learners in their faith. It tells them that ongoing formation in the faith is a natural part of being a member of this parish. You want this environment to be filled with a sense of curiosity, fun and desire for holiness.

 Stories have always been a powerful learning tool. They teach without the demands of instructional learning. The power of storytelling is made especially convenient in the form of movies.

So if you’re looking for a light educational experience, why not hold a movie night? With the help of Ignatius Press you can even make it into a fundraiser! Ignatius Press has a number of movies about the saints as well as some fascinating documentaries. They offer a package that includes public viewing rights and related books & media at a huge discount. Public viewing rights means that you can sell tickets to the movie. You can also sell the books & media, reenforcing self-directed learning and potentially raising even more money for your Catholic adult education program.

NEW! SIGN-UP REWARDS PROGRAM – Movie Night hosts can earn free books just for allowing guests to sign up for Ignatius e-mails and FREE catalogs!

Please Note: Contrary to common practice it is illegal to publicly show a movie without public viewing rights – especially if you are charging admission. Sometimes those rights can be given away or included in the price of purchase of the video. It is important for Catholics to be diligent in respecting copyright. To do otherwise would be to be guilty of theft. Ignatius Press sells public viewing rights as part of the resource package.

How the Movie Nights Works

Ignatius Press will provide:

  1. Free DVD of the movie package selected as well as permission to show the movie in a public setting.
  2. Free publicity materials.
  3. Ongoing marketing staff support.
  4. Ignatius Press products to be purchased and resold by you at a generous profit for your church, school, or organization.
  5. Free shipping to send all materials to you (including additional orders you place).

You will:

  1. Publicize the event in your area.
  2. Arrange for AV equipment and viewing hall.
  3. Sell tickets or take a free-will offering for which you will retain all proceeds.
  4. Provide a place to display and people to handle the resale of Ignatius Press products and to take orders for additional products.
  5. Sort orders received and deliver them or arrange for customers to pick them up. Products ordered will be sent to the address provided for the original shipment.
  6. Make final payment within six weeks of the end date of your Movie Night event.
  7. Receive a generous profit for products sold and on orders placed through your event. Please see Event Overview and Product Package of each movie for more details.
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I am a stay-home dad and a Catholic educator. I taught at a high school for 10 years and am currently running an independent business teaching Catholic adults and consulting with parishes about ongoing Catholic adult education.

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