Creating the Expectation of Ongoing Catholic Adult Education with Book and Media Fairs

Ignatius Book and Film Fair

A great fundraiser that can get the whole parish behind ongoing Catholic learning

Combining Fun, Faith, and Funds!

There are two questions I get most often about Catholic adult education.

1. How do we get people to come to our programs?

2. How do we pay for Catholic adult education in our parish?

Well, the only really effective strategy I have ever seen for getting people to attend Catholic adult education programs is for the parish to create a Catholic learning environment that sets up the expectation that learning is just part of being an active member of the parish. More concretely, this learning environment is really part of a process of discipleship. Parishes that have adult lay persons keeping each other accountable and encouraging each other to grow in faith also have very effective educational programs. The programs must follow the discipleship.

As far as paying for programs, if you have a grasp of the available resources you can actually create an educational system that pays for itself. There are a number of great educational resources that can be run as fundraisers. But we have to get over the psychological obstacle of asking parishioners to pay for their education.

Ignatius Press makes both of these problems much easier to deal with. They offer a number of fundraise programs that get parishioners actively engaged in learning the faith. In fact, Ignatius Press calls these programs “faith raisers” to show that they really do answer both of these concerns.

Having a Catholic book & media fair is an excellent way to train parishioners to continuous Catholic adult education. Putting attractive resources in front of people’s faces over and over again encourages them to explore. Having the entire parish involved in the fair uses positive peer pressure. And the money raised by the fairs can help parishes pay for other programs. This is a win-win for everyone involved!


Here’s how it works: Ignatius Press will pay the shipping to send you Ignatius Press Catholic Book & Film Fair catalogs and order forms that you will distribute to school families, parish families, members of an organization and others. You will take orders, collect payments made to your parish, school or organization, place a master order with Ignatius Press, distribute products and send payment to Ignatius Press with a check or money order from your parish, school or organization. All products ordered through your Catalog-Only Fair will be sold to you at 70% of their standard retail cost (a 30% profit!) with the exceptions noted below. You can also take orders for additional products customers wish to order from other Ignatius Press catalogs and from the website, earning the same profit. Orders must be placed through your Fair in order to be credited to your school, parish or organization. Ignatius Press will pay shipping costs to send the products to the one address you provide on your Catalog-Only agreement form. PLEASE NOTE: Special promotional prices in other catalogs and on the website DO NOT apply to the Catholic Book & Film Fair. Please remind customers they are receiving free shipping (Ignatius Press pays shipping on all products sent to you) as well as supporting a great cause!


1. Pay the shipping to send the initial products as well as any additional products ordered through your Fair to you! All products will be shipped to the address you designate on your agreement form.

2. Provide you with promotional materials including posters, flyers, and a sample bulletin announcement. You can also access these from this website and print as many as you need.

3. Provide you with special Catholic Book & Film Fair catalogs and order forms (also downloadable from this website).

4. All orders for products after the initial shipment will be purchased by the host organization for 70% of the items’ regular retail prices thereby enabling you to make a profit of 30% of sales at retail prices (EXCEPTIONS: 20% for Faith and Life and Image of God series; no profit available on any of the Didache books).

5. No advance payment is required. Payments will be completed at the end of your event. ‘


1. Advertise the Ignatius Press Catholic Book and Film Fair event.

2. Provide tables for proper display of the Ignatius Press materials.

3. Provide enough people to adequately handle sales.

4. Make sure all checks are made payable to the parish, school or organization so that one check can be sent to Ignatius Press for payment of the products purchased. Please see the Guidelines for more detailed information. This program is available in the U.S. and Canada only.

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I am a stay-home dad and a Catholic educator. I taught at a high school for 10 years and am currently running an independent business teaching Catholic adults and consulting with parishes about ongoing Catholic adult education.

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